About Todd

As a 14-year  veteran of the newspaper/journalism profession, I’ve covered stories ranging from the heartbreaking to the ridiculous, from mothers grieving over their murdered children to a miraculous doughnut bearing the sugar-glazed visage of Jesus Christ. I’ve sat beside incarcerated gang members as they casually described their horrific pasts and watched as family members gaze out at the lake that took their only child from their lives only hours before. I’ve seen the joy of the cancer survivor and the fear in the eyes of the young parents bringing home triplets to an already crowded home. I’ve photographed or written about each of these very human events. As a journalist, I’ve witnessed joy and sorrow in equal measure and tried to learn from both.

As my chosen profession struggles with the demands of 21 st century technology and questions of relevance and changing social mores, I remain committed to the ideals that drew me to a life of journalism: the simple beauty of telling stories about human beings in all their flawed, foolish and at times transcendent glory. In contrast to the simple regurgitation of facts that seem to fill far too many publications, my passion lies in documenting those stories found well beyond the spotlight of politics or pseudo-celebrity. I firmly believe men and women will gladly sit down and not only read, but read with deep joy and concern, about people and places they recognize but rarely see in today’s media. I believe it’s the job of the journalist to seek out these stories and sources, hidden all too often in plain sight. I still believe an interesting story well told will draw reader’s interest. No amount of technology or video streams or blog sites can compete with that.

The stories are there, waiting like genies in a bottle, for the curious and patient to set them free. I intend to search for these hidden treasures –the struggling musicians, the thrift store eccentrics, the dancing faith healers — and set them loose on the world.