The beautiful mind of Donald Trump

Thank God we have Donald Trump to explain the world to us, to put all our most horrific and mind-numbingly complicated issues in plain, crystal clear perspective.

Who else but Trump, our great “Cheeto Jesus” as one GOP presidential consultant recently dubbed him, would take time out following the slaughter of 50 fellow Americans to congratulate himself for “being right on radical Islamic terrorism.”

That he did so before any facts about the gunman’s motives or background was known only proves what a  “unbelievable” intellect is at work here. Because The Donald doesn’t need facts, The Donald just knows.

Trump then continued on his mission to educate the American public several days later by asserting that our sitting president may in fact be a fifth columnist whose loyalties clearly lie with the terrorists.

Thank you Mr. Trump, it’s insights like this from  our soft, spoiled parasitic class that make me proud to be an American.

But seriously, there’s plenty of local and state issues I would much prefer to spend my brain power addressing. Unfortunately, month after month I’m faced with the same incontrovertible fact: An insane person is several months away from possibly becoming the President of the United States, gaining access to our nuclear launch codes and the means to throw our country into the kind of hell spiral it would be hard pressed to ever recover from.

It’s kind of hard to ignore. And at the same time, it’s all become so dismally, depressingly predictable that I can barely raise my fingers to the keyboard anymore. Who cares if the Orlando shooter may have been a closeted, deeply conflicted homosexual who only used a supposed allegiance to ISIS to cover the true cause of his hatred? Who cares that our national leaders have so prostituted themselves to the NRA that they will not even allow the Center for Disease Control to study the underlying causes of gun violence?

Just sit back and let The Donald handle everything.

To be fair to Trump, there’s absolutely no way to know whether he truly believes any of the heinous, asinine things he says. Which is not to let him off the hook, far from it.

It’s been suggested that the former reality TV star suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. I would suggest he’s either mentally unbalanced or someone who seeks to profit by stirring up the most negative impulses of other mentally unbalanced individuals. Either way, he’s unfit to run for dogcatcher of Mayberry, much less President of the United States. That he has come this close is a condemnation of not just the Republican Party, but the United States as a whole.

My guess is that Trump is about to come up against the kind of reality that has nothing to do with TV shows and everything to do with the changing face of American society.

The simple fact is that in the 21st century you cannot insult, degrade, and threaten women, Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and the disabled and have any chance of winning the presidential general election. In 1980, sure. In 2000, maybe. But not today, not even close. It’s the demographic math, stupid.

If you really want some un-PC, indelicately simple truth I would suggest turning to the words of Rick Wilson, the presidential consultant quoted at the beginning of this column.

In a June 2015 tweet, Wilson responded to fellow Republicans who have offered their support for Trump. “There is no better Trump. There is not Presidential Trump. He is a vile stain on this Republic… Your resumes will always read “Worked for a batshit crazy crypto-fascist who destroyed the GOP”


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